Infographic: The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers

Posted by Comm-Works on Mar 9, 2016 1:27:00 PM

Imagine, it’s the holiday season and a crowd of customers are rushing through your store at peak business hours. Several people are asking for the assistance of a sales associate, while others are patiently waiting in a long checkout line.  

Out of nowhere, your wireless goes down. Your staff no longer has access to the in-store technology needed to assist customers. At check out, employees have lost the ability to scan credit cards, make returns, look up merchandise, or accurately track inventory. The store is at a standstill and quickly becoming cramped. Soon everyone begins feeling the frustrations associated with network failure.

You are losing business, and fast. Do you have a wireless backup plan? 

Don't let this happen to you. Take action and ensure business continuity with a wireless failover solution.

Today, it is crucial to provide network uptime, all the time. Retail stores rely heavily on the performance of in-store technology. According to the infographic created by Retail Customer Experience and Cradlepoint, “52% of midsize companies can only tolerate less than 1 hour of downtime for their most mission-critical data and applications.” 

The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic] compliments of Retail Customer Experience and Cradlepoint.


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