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Regardless if you are at work, school, home, or outside, it is likely you are using an iPad. They have become a part of our daily lives. The retail and restaurant industries have taken notice of the growing trend, and have begun introducing the technology in their daily operations. Conforming to the use of popular technology not only increases engagement with their customers, but also allows for a more efficient means of conducting business.

The speed in which a company conducts business is correlated to their revenue. Many restaurants have begun placing iPads on each table as a method for ordering food and paying their bill. Restaurants that have incorporated iPad technology found that the time in which a customer is waiting, decreases exponentially. This results in the customer ordering more items, therefore increasing their overall bill. Panera has invested $42 million, incorporating iPad technology in all of their locations. Ron Shaich, the Chief Executive of Panera Bread, has found this investment a great success, recently stating, “Profits are up in all of them, and orders have increased”. In addition to restaurants, retailers have found that using iPads as mobile cash registers increases the customers’ overall in-store experience. By eliminating waiting in line and allowing the cash register to come to them, stores are able to offer a speedier checkout process, making the shopping experience easy and fun.

In addition to using iPads to increase efficiency, iPads are being used as a tool for customer retention. Within restaurants, iPads offer a means of entertainment, keeping customers there longer. By providing entertainment for children, McDonalds is known as a destination place for families. McDonalds is conforming to the new generations’ classification of entertainment by using iPads as a focal point to their “Happy Tables”. These tables serve to entertain children, much like how their playgrounds did in the past. Retail has been utilizing iPads to enable viewing of complete collections, as well as customizing store items. Retailers such as Nordstrom has been using iPads within the store to create a customized design for Men’s suits; Puma, in a customized design of sneakers and Things Remembered in the customized design of personalized gifts. The idea of a customer creating individualized items within the store, not only provides entertainment and the convenience of trying on/feeling examples of the final product, but it further strengthens customer loyalty. By creating personalized items customers are creating a memory/connection with a brand.

Both retailers and restaurants are experiencing positive outcomes by adapting to the iPad trend. By conforming to iPad technology, companies have increased efficiencies within operations and improved their customers in store experiences. Based on the success of various companies by saving money operationally and increasing revenue, the ROI (return on investment) for iPads has proven successful.


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