Switch to EMV Technology Before October 1st

Posted by Comm-Works on Aug 24, 2015 7:00:17 AM


Data breaches and fraudulent card charges are on the rise, making it necessary for companies to switch to a safer payment option. The nationwide transition to EMV technology is well underway, and the October 1st deadline is approaching fast. Learn about the importance of EMV compliance, the security benefits, and how Comm-Works can help you make the shift.

EMV technology consists of a small, metallic computer chip placed on credit cards to help eliminate fraud and protect in-store payments. It increases security by encoding each payment with a unique transaction code to prevent duplication. Although it’s not necessary, the user can also enter their PIN for additional security. After October 1st, if a customer pays with an EMV chip card, and merchants aren’t set up with an EMV compliant system, the merchants will be liable for the fraudulent charges.

Comm-Works recently deployed 6,700 card processors in just 7 days and can rapidly deploy your POS and payment systems. Comm-Works also provides 24/7/365 support to locations across the globe. Improve your customer experience and enhance confidence in your POS and payment systems by becoming EMV compliant. Get proactive about payment security and make the switch before it’s too late!

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